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Damsco Bar Find: Louie Louie

We’re not sure who the geniuses are behind De Biertuin, Bar Bukowski, and Smokin’ Barrels, but as a Wonderland team, we reckon we’ve single-handedly put a lot of dollar into their pockets and for all the right reasons. Because when it comes to these hotspots, we’ve never been disappointed.

So, with one of the team’s most recent ventures yet to be ticked off our list, Wonderland decided to send me to scope out effortlessly trendy and non-stop hotspot, Louie Louie, to see if he could deliver the goods like his Wonderland-approved siblings. It’s a tough job, I know, but somebody’s gotta do it.




With a name inspired by the Kingsmen hit, rocking up at Louie Louie it’s immediately clear that this is a bar made for Summer. The huge glass facade opens out onto a sun-trapped terrace, which extends around two sides of the building for maximum day-to-evening sun exposure. In hand with their enviably extensive drinks menu, including pitchers of Sangria with a choice either red or white wine, it’s easy to imagine this place will be buzzing the second the sunshine peeks his head from behind the clouds.

From Granola to Octopus on a Skewer, with Huevos Rancheros and Chili Cheese Sweet Potato Fries in between, the changing menu throughout the day reflects the laid-back vibe and versatility of the space. I’ve been here on a tinder date, I’ve debriefed with the girls over Sunday brunch, and I’ve impressed my parents with dinner when they popped over to visit.

Not only versatile, the food is hella tasty as well, and is served as larger-than-tapas sharing style eats. Inspired by South American cuisine, dishes can even be spiced up with Louie Louie’s very own brand of hot sauce – conjured up by Let’s Salsa and varying in spice from Louie Louise hot sauce to very very hot Louie Louiiieee.




When it comes to aesthetics, Louie Louie keeps it simple combining industrial light fittings with an Art Deco-esque interior. All of which is brought together with an impressive bar backdrop, which no doubt encourages endless quoting of Get Him to the Greek – the film that taught us all what to do with a furry wall.

As we suspected here at Wonderland, Louie Louie did not disappoint. Firmly establishing itself as yet another painfully cool hotspot that proves this summer, Amsterdam is all about the East side.









Written by Robyn Collinge, all photos courtesy of Louie Louie.

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